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At Caribbean Water Treatment Ltd., one of their core values is to be environmentally conscious. Managing Director Mario Bento explained, “We consider ourselves stewards of our environment, and strive to implement environmentally sustainable practices in our services. … In our Reverse Osmosis (RO) desalination plants, for example, we’ve integrated leading edge energy-recovery technology which lowers energy consumption … so as new technology becomes commercially available, we are quick to adopt them.” 

CWT offers clients a range of solar powered products. He noted that APUA allows residential customers to use up to 5kW of solar power to offset their electricity bills and that solar energy equipment can now be imported free of duties and taxes.  Bento believes that the concessions and policies now in place will lead to a significant increase in solar energy in Antigua and Barbuda.  

For their swimming pool customers, there’s a wide range of green solutions offered, including solar powered pumps, which eliminate the use of electricity. Although the initial cost may be expensive, customers would begin to see the returns of this long term investment in as little as three years. Another energy efficient solution offered is on-site chlorine generation systems (salt chlorination systems), which eliminates the handling and storing of chlorine. There are also alternative solar options available for heating pools instead of using propane or electrical heaters.  

With all the enabling policies in place within Antigua and Barbuda, Bento feels that both private and public sector should be investing in the huge opportunities available in solar energy.  In fact, the company has itself recently installed a 20kW solar energy system at its new facility at friars Hill. 

The use of solar energy is not only easy on the pocket in the long term, but adds tremendous effort in being environmentally conscious. In addition to the lack of emissions from fossil fuels, there is also the soothing benefit of a noiseless production of energy. Solar power also allows residents in remote areas the ability to generate electricity, once the sun is shining, that is. They’re low maintenance, and can last for decades.  

If you’re looking for green solutions for your home or business, Caribbean Water Treatment Ltd is ready and willing to assist you on your Green journey.