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Design, installation and maintenance services are provided through our CWT Caribbean Pools division.  Over the last twelve years, we have grown to become a leading provider of pool & spa services in the Eastern Caribbean.  At the International Pool & Spa Expo in Las Vegas in 2004, CWT Caribbean Pools received gold medal awards for the Best Natural and Best Freeform Concrete Pools Outside the U.S. from the National Pool and Spa Institute.  We have worked on some of the largest and most exotic pools built in the Caribbean over the last few years including the 450,000 gallon Jolly Beach Resort Fantasy Pool in Antigua, the Four Seasons Reflection Pool in Nevis, the Terrace Pool at Fort Young Hotel in Dominica, the Beach Pool at little Dix Bay Resort in Virgin Gorda, BVI and the Pools of Villa Cabrera in Dominican Republic.




CWT Caribbean Pools can provide design services for both residential and commercial pool for even the most challenging pool designs.  We can assist in mechanical design, lighting options, specialty water features, pool surfaces, and deck and coping options.   We have design and installed pools with an array of water features including water falls, cascade basins, fountains, negative edges, wet deck and beach entries. The company received gold medal awards in 2004 for the Best Natural and Freeform Concrete Pools Outside the U.S. from the National Pool and Spa Institute based in the U.S.




CWT Caribbean Pools offers mechanical and lighting installation services as well as pool start-up and commissioning.  We have installed Diamond Brite, Pebble Tech and Marcite plastered surfaces on over 200 swimming pools in Antigua, St. Kitts, Virgin Gorda, Grenada, Dominica and Dominican Republic over the last ten years.  We also work with Pool Boy Plastering in Fort Lauderdale, FL to take on large commercial jobs and Pebble Tec surfaces.




CWT Caribbean Pools provides pool and spa maintenance services to residential and commercial customers in Antigua. Our company has been a member of the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals for over 10 years now, and all of our maintenance staff have received Certified Pool Operator certification from the National Swimming Pool Foundation for operation of public swimming pools.