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CaribDA Newsletter, Featuring Caribbean Water Treatment

Caribbean Water Treatment Ltd was featured in the summer issue of CaribDA’s newsletter this week.

It Focuses On:

  • Technology Transfer Workshops: A recent one is the Membrane Operator Certification (MOC-I), hosted in Antigua and instructed by our Managing Director, Mario Bento along with other instructors.

  • CaribDA Humanitarian Committee: A scope on the 2023 hurricane season and how the CaribDA humanitarian committee is continuing to discuss ways that they can assist with natural disasters in the Caribbean.

  • Member Spotlight: Caribbean Water Treatment Ltd - an overview of what services our companies offer, along with some of our achievements.

"Mario Bento, the founder and Managing Director of Caribbean Water Treatment has been a member since 2008. He feels CaribDA has benefited his career very positively by connecting him with many desalination and water reuse professionals working in the region and from attending CaribDA conferences and workshops as well as serving on the CaribDA board over the years. Some tips/advice he has for new members is to try to attend as many events as you can and make yourself available to serve on the different committees and at the board level. This will benefit you career-wise and help advance CaribDA’s vision."

For a full read, CaribDA members can view the newsletter here.

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