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Quietly celebrating our 29th birthday

We do not like to boast about all the years we have worked to deliver water solutions to the Caribbean since 1992.

How many millions of gallons of wastewater get treated per day through installations we installed. How many cups of drinking water are desalinated through a reverse osmosis plant we built and operate. How many knowledgeable technicians on how many islands we trained to operate these plants. Or how many tourists and Caribbean residents now jump in a pool that we designed and maintain to give them the true feeling of paradise...

Of course we take pride in quality of our work and only work with the best products and suppliers, always in search of innovation and improvement; better technology for a better environment. Yes, we feel proud to have installed drinking fountains in so many schools in Antigua and to be on the forefront of programs with a humanitarian interest. We feel proud to have well-trained staff at all times but also to organize trainings to pool technicians and plumbers so the community grows and we do not have to do all the work ourselves...

We just do not like to boast about it. We just do all of this - and more - since 1992.

Today marks the start of our 30th year. Ready to serve for the next 30.

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