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Caribbean Water Treatment Ltd. represents ITT-Water Equipment Technologies (WET) exclusively in the Eastern Caribbean.  WET is a leading manufacturer of brackish and seawater reverse osmosis (RO) desalination plants, providing membrane systems solutions since 1975.  RO systems are available from 100 GPD to capacities of several million gallons per day.  WET’s durable and reliable Seawater Reverse Osmosis systems are designed to perform in the harsh and corrosive environments we experience in the Caribbean.  Their manufacturing facilities are located in Boynton Beach, Florida. See


 We have installed WET RO plants at several resorts in Antigua, Barbuda, St. Martin and Tortola.  We are currently installing a three 250,000 gpd reverse osmosis desalination plants for a resort venture in Antigua with seawater and brine outfall infrastructure to increase to 2.25 million gpd.  Installation was completed in February, 2007 on a 750,000 gpd capacity for the Antigua Public Utilities Authority in the north of the island.



Caribbean Water Treatment Ltd. designs and constructs simple, extended aeration SBR, all custom built to meet our customers’ requirements.  We also design and construct sewage collection systems for resorts and commercial developments. We have installed over 40 plants ranging in size from 500 gpd to 70,000 gpd for hotels, resorts and commercial facilities in Antigua and St. Kitts.  Technology and expertise is available through ITT Advanced Water Group to provide more sophisticated wastewater treatment processes.



Caribbean Water Treatment Ltd. supplies and installs UV sterilizers, ozonators, sediment filters, activated carbon filters, ion exchange systems and chlorination systems. Our experience covers potable water treatment, bottle water production and industrial pure water applications.  UV sterilizers for residential and commercial potable water applications are available from Trojan Technologies (see  Ozonation and UV equipment is also available from ITT Wedeco (see



We also provide water pumps and distribution systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.  We are dealers for Sta-Rite pumps and pressure tanks (see, and ITT Goulds water, sewage and effluent pump products (see