Water and wastewater


CWT provides a full range of water treatment services to meet all water quality requirements for residential, commercial, bottle water and industrial pure water applications. Our systems include reverse osmosis, UV sterilizers, ozonators, sediment filters, activated carbon filters, ion exchange systems and chlorination systems.


We are an exclusive dealer for Viqua residential and commercial UV sterilizers (see www.viqua.com). 



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For wastewater treatment, we design and construct robust extended aeration, sequencing batch reactor (SBR) and membrane bioreactor (MBR) plants, all custom built to meet our customers’ requirements.  We also design and install sewage collection systems for resorts and commercial developments. We have installed over 50 plants ranging in size from 500 gpd to 70,000 gpd for hotels, resorts and commercial facilities in Antigua and St. Kitts.  


We also design and install water pumps and distribution systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.  We are dealers for Pentair Sta-Rite pumps and pressure tanks (see https://www.pentair.com/en/brands/sta-rite.html and Xylem Goulds water, sewage and effluent pump products (see www.goulds.com).