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pools and spas

Caribbean Water Treatment provides design, installation, and maintenance services for both residential and commercial pools. 

Pool Feature

Pool Features

We have designed and installed pools with an array of water features including:


  • Waterfalls, 

  • Cascade Basins, 

  • Fountains, 

  • Negative Edges, 

  • Wet Deck, and 

  • Beach Entries.


  • Assistance in mechanical design, 

  • Lighting options, 

  • Specialty water features, 

  • Pool surfaces, and 

  • Deck and coping options.

Caribbean Water Treatment Ltd supplies and stocks Daimond Brite, Bond Kote and all chemicals needed for Diamond Brite installation. 

Visit our store on Friars Hill Road, St. John's, Antigua to purchase Diamond Brite. 

Pool Maintenance


  • Our PHTA certified Pool Operators provide worry-free pool and spa maintenance services to residential and commercial customers in Antigua. 

  • Our experienced team of installation and repair technicians are certified by the Pool and Hot Tub Association. 

  • Our inhouse CPO instructor can train and certify your pool service staff under the PHTA CPO program.

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