Solar systems


CWT designs and installs grid-tied and stand-alone (off-grid) solar energy systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.  We have installed grid-tied systems with both central invertors and micro-inverters.  Dedicated grid-tied solar systems up to 150 kWp have been installed to offset the energy demand of Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) desalination plants. 

Solar pool and water pumping systems can be provided with the most advanced and reliable equipment on the market. CWT is a distributor for Lorentz, the leading solar pumping systems in the world.  We have installed many Lornetz solar swimming pool pump systems in Antigua with a payback of less than 4 years in energy savings. 


Lorentz Solar pumping systems can also be provided for groundwater extraction, irrigation and water transfer. Find out more at:

CWT has developed a low cost, solar brackish RO desalination system for residential, small community and agricultural applications.  Grant funding was received from the Caribbean Climate Change Innovation Center, an initiative of the World Bank to successfully develop and demonstrate the technology over the last 2 years.  Contact us for further information.



We are a distributor for Canadian Solar photovoltaic (PV) modules. Canadian Solar is one of the largest solar module manufacturers and solar energy providers in the world, operating in over 20 countries with manufacturing and R&D facilities in Canada, China and Vietnam. They have delivered over 38 GW of solar modules in more than 50 countries. Find out more at

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