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RO desalination

Caribbean Water Treatment has been providing seawater and brackish water Reverse Osmosis (RO) desalination services across the Caribbean for over 20 years.


We cover all aspects of desalination plant construction and operation, including:


  • Intake Assessments and Design, 

  • Equipment Sizing, 

  • Plant Layout and Installation, 

  • Operation and Maintenance.


CWT represents MCI-Water Equipment Technologies (WET) exclusively in the Eastern Caribbean - WET is a leading manufacturer of brackish and seawater reverse osmosis desalination plants, providing membrane systems solutions since 1975. 


WET’s durable and reliable Reverse Osmosis systems are designed to perform in the harsh and corrosive environments we experience in the Caribbean. Their manufacturing facilities are located in Dallas, Texas.


Click here for more information about them.

Available: RO systems are available from 100 GPD to several million gallons per day.

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