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Hurricane Preparation For Your Pool

It is officially hurricane season in the Caribbean. In the event of a hurricane, are you pool-prepared?

Water Splash

Don't worry if you're not, we've got some tips for you!

Read the below on how to prepare your swimming pool for a hurricane:

  • Shock ahead of the hurricane: By increasing your chlorine level, the extra chlorine will protect the water.

    • Our retail store located on Friars Hill Road sells Calcium Hypochlorite (a non-stabilized chlorine) in various sizes that work as a shock treatment.

  • Power down your equipment: It is essential to safeguard your heat pump, pool heater, and other equipment by powering it down from the electrical supply.

  • Secure all loose components: Whether it's chairs, tables, or pool cleaning tools, it is recommended to remove or tie down loose objects ahead of the hurricane.

For any questions, send us an email at Our Pool Service Manager would be happy to advise.

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